Corporate Overview

Debt/Equity Restructuring

The unprecedented volatility of the real estate credit and equity markets has virtually paralyzed real estate owners and stymied traditional investment strategies for the foreseeable future. Credit is scarce and/or only available on unattractive or unworkable terms. As a result, borrowers are being forced to consider unfavorable liquidation or recapitalization options.

Starlight’s highly experienced team has been at the forefront of providing advice to borrowers, including Operating Partners, General Partners, Limited Partners and Institutional Investors, regarding a broad range of debt and equity restructuring situations, which include: conventional debt and equity recapitalizations; loan extensions/modifications; structured loans with securitized A-notes, B-notes and mezzanine classes; construction loans secured by an incomplete development project; depleted equity with onerous tax consequences to the borrower, resulting from foreclosure or offering a deed-in-lieu; loans with multiple institutional lender participants, etc.

Please contact Starlight Partners on how we can help restructure your investments.