Corporate Overview


Starlight Partners has the capacity to appoint from any of the several appraisal firms across the nation we deal with on an on going basis.

There are three general groups of methodologies for determining value. These are usually referred to as the "three approaches to value" which are generally independent of each other:

  • The Cost Approach
  • The Sales Comparison Approach 
  • The Income Approach

The appraiser can generally choose from three approaches to determine value. One or two of these approaches will usually be most applicable, with the other approach or approaches usually being less useful. The appraiser has to think about the "scope of work", the type of value, the property itself, and the quality and quantity of data available for each approach. No overarching statement can be made that one approach or another is always better than one of the other approaches.

Starlight Partners reviews these approaches to make sure the appraiser is giving the most value for you