Transactional Services

Portfolio Sales

Starlight's ability to execute the disposition of property and loan portfolios is able through the resources of knowing what firms are in the market for what assets. Portfolio marketing and disposition requires a process that includes all of the proven elements of Starlight investment sales process in addition to a number of techniques that are uniquely applicable to optimizing value from the disposition of property and loan porfolios:

  • Asset assessment to determine suitability for i) marketing as a portfolio, ii) combining certain assets for marketing as sub-portfolios, iii) marketing assets on an individual basis or iv) simultaneously marketing on the basis of all three to capture the broadest market. Criteria generally include the relative values of the assets, types of properties and/or loans, geographic proximity of the assets and overall pricing magnitude of the portfolio or sub-portfolios.

  • Packaging of due diligence to facilitate efficient and effective analyses by potential buyers. This requires the preparation of highly organized and comprehensive pre-marketing materials that can be easily accessed and analyzed. Portfolios, by nature, represent a daunting due diligence challenge and buyers always discount for what they do not know.

  • Minimizing property-level uncertainties and contingencies to facilitate the efficient completion of due diligence, prevent re-trading and maintain the integrity of implementing a competitive marketing and disposition process.